Early Life

Jackie Murray is an accomplished Martial Artist, Gymnast, Dancer & Business Owner.

In the Film & Television Industry, she is a successful & dedicated Assistant Director, Production Manager, Stuntwoman & Actress.

Jackie was born & raised in a Martial Arts family and gained much experience training in locations all across the world including Hong Kong, China, the U.S.A & her home, Australia.

Her primary style is Kung Fu, and she is trained in Karate, Wu Shu, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai & Tai Chi, including the traditional weaponry of these arts. She is also a proficient Gymnast and is an accredited Level 1 Gymnastics Australia coach.

For many years, Jackie has held ownership over her family's Martial Arts studio, which she herself expanded to include tuition in Dance, Gymnastics & Parkour. She is an extremely successful Master, whom in 2011, was inducted into the ISKA's (International Sport Karate Association) Hall Of Fame twice and awarded the title: 'Female Instructor of the Year'.

Personal Life

Having entered the Film & TV Industry as a child actress, Jackie's passion for both the Performing Arts and Martial Arts led to her unite the two when she began to pursue Stunts. Here, her skills truly flourished and she showed not only promise as a Stuntwoman, but through much experience and training, expanded herself to undertake roles as an Assistant Director -Production Manager and also Safety Assist(WHS)

Jackie's dedication stems not only from a love of the industry, but from being a Business Owner herself, and knowing the work and effort involved in succeeding. Her personal life is a balance of running & teaching in her full time Martial Arts & Gymnastics Studio, performing Stunt jobs & undertaking roles as an Assistant Director or Production Manager, and being a full time mother of three whom all share the same flair for performing as Jackie does.

Film & TV Career

Jackie has been involved in the Film & TV Industry since childhood, appearing in commercials & short films. Over the last 10 years, she has gained notable successes as a Stuntwoman for tackling high risk jobs including multiple full body burns. She has also gained multiple acting roles in which she has been able to align both her Acting Persona & Stunt Persona to complete both dialogue heavy & physical roles.

In her years in the Industry, Jackie has performed countless roles across multiple production types from Features & Shorts, to Motion Capture & Music Videos. Her passion, skills and successes continued and saw her begin to undertake roles as an Assistant Director and Production Manager. Her skill set within the industry is exceptional and well utilised.

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